XML Node Iterator



The XML Iterator action sets a variable by iterating over the nodes of an XML file. For general information about iterators, click here.






XML Source File


Specify an XML file or document to read from.



XPath to iterate over


Specify an XPath which evaluates to the nodes you wish to iterate over. For more information on XPath syntax, try the w3schools tutorial.



FB Variable To Set


Specify the variable name that you wish the iterator to set on each iteration. To create a new variable, choose Edit Variables from the Tools menu.



Set variable to the text value of each node


Set variable to the value of an attribute


For each iteration, the specified attribute will be evaluated at the given node, and the variable will be set to the value of that attribute.


Set variable to the absolute XPath of each node


For each iteration, the variable will be set to the absolute XPath of the selected node. The XPath variable can then be used to provide XPaths to the other XML Actions.




MSXML Parser Page


Allows you to set some options to be used when the parser loads the XML. See the XML Parser Options topic for details.